Why we only use Dynamic QR Codes.

Once your QR Info Pods have been printed, there’s no turning back, but with Dynamic QR Codes, we can still make changes for you. Dynamic Codes allow us to update your content at any time

New information – same Code

Dynamic QR Codes make it possible to change destination addresses and other Code functionality at any time without having to reprint the Codes themselves, meaning your QR Info Pods ae futureproofed and will last for years to come. We can easily replace the target Web address or the document stored in the Code. In addition, we can change the function of a Dynamic Code: for example, from displaying a webpage to displaying a PDF file or a video.

Capture and measure your advertising statistics

Each time a Dynamic Code is scanned, we track the scan rate and recognize when, where and which device it was scanned with. This detailed information will help you to measure your advertising success, so you can make any necessary adjustments during an ongoing campaign.

Correct mistakes easily

In the case of Static QR Code the information attached to it can never be updated. However, with Dynamic Codes, we can edit them quickly, conveniently and as often as needed, ensuring your content is constantly up to date. Take for example your practice leaflet, each time you update or charge it, the Dynamic QR code will recognise the charge and update its content, so there’s no need to change the QR code on your pod, we will do all the updates for you.

More freedom in the design due to smaller Codes

The Dynamic QR Code that we generate and print on your QR Info Pod does not contain the actual content you present to your users, but a short URL assigned to it. Due to this, the code is relatively simple in structure and small in size. The use of the short redirection URL also has the advantage that the Code can be scanned more quickly and thus more easily because there are fewer characters in it.

The process explained

The process is simple. Send us the content you want, we will create a Dynamic QR Code for your content and produce PDF proof our QR Info Pod design. The design can be tailored to your desires and requirements and we can easily incorporate your logos. Once your design is approved, just choose the size of the QR Info Pod you want, and we will digitally print it and ship it to you. The diagram below shows the life cycle of the process.